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Holistic Client
Our team works closely with clients to understand their individual goals and needs to provide customized solutions
Structured Fund Products
Digital Assets Fund I
The Digital Asset Fund offers intelligent exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum, leveraging asset volatility to capture options premiums, accumulate coins, and reduce downside risk
Two Prime is led by derivatives trading, blockchain, and open-source software veterans with extensive reach and experience navigating this fast-moving landscape

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The Two Prime Digital Assets Fund saw a 183% year-to-date return and 537% trailing 12-month return. The fund uses derivatives to hedge Bitcoin and Ethereum exposure.

Alexander S Blum discusses the growing Blockchain Technology Space
Marc Fleury calls crypto markets a "refuge" and compares Bitcoin to Gold
Alexander S Blum compares Ethereum to Oil due to its particular utility and Bitcoin to Gold due to its proven history as a store of value
Alexander S Blum discusses the difference between financial and technological products in the blockchain space
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Digital Assets
Efficient Frontier Tool

Two Prime’s Digital Asset Fund offers intelligent exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum by leveraging volatility, accumulating coins, capturing upside, and reducing downside risk.

The Efficient Frontiers Tool allows investors to test portfolio returns against a range of allocations to traditional equities, bonds, and the Two Prime Digital Assets Fund.

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The Rise of Institutional
Ethereum Investors

Download our institutional Ethereum report to learn more about why ETH is becoming a standard part of investor portfolios and corporate treasuries.

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The Digital Asset for Investment Advisers

Bitcoin and Ethereum can no longer be ignored as mainstream adoption of digital assets accelerate.

As an investment adviser, it is your fiduciary responsibility to help your clients build a diversified portfolio including some degree of exposure to digital assets and the broader Web 3.0 economy.

The question is, how do you do this?

Two Prime’s Nathan Cox and Planner DAO’s Adam Blumberg dive into this and more in this webinar:

1. An Introduction for Investment Advisers
2. Digital Assets and Client Portfolio Diversification
3. Digital Assets as a Macro Hedge for Client Portfolios
4. Digital Assets and Web 3.0 are Transforming Financial Services
5. Why it is Still Early Innings for Digital Assets Investment
6. The Importance of Volatility in Client Portfolio Construction
7. Where are the intelligent on-ramps for investment advisers and their clients?
8. How to become a Certified Digital Asset Advisor
Webinar Replay