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Dr Marc Fluery Liquidity Flood

The Great Flood of Liquidity: Bubbles Everywhere

Modern monetary capitalism finances itself with the emission of FIAT currencies.  Ever since the end of Bretton Woods, new monies are birthed as new debt instead of old savings under the gold standard.  This expansion of the money supply beyond savings corresponded to expanding the real economy and enabled technological abundance.    QE in perpetuity  […]

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digital asset news round up by arash ghaemi

Digital Asset News Roundup – Tesla Accepts Bitcoin, Uniswap V3, Powell Says Bitcoin like Gold

  Digital Assets never sleep, and neither do their news cycles. Let’s breakdown some of the biggest news stories over the past week and what they mean for the markets as a whole.   Tesla now Accepts Bitcoin   Tesla is using only internal & open source software & operates Bitcoin nodes directly. Bitcoin paid […]

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