Two Prime bridges the best practices of traditional finance and crypto with a brand new asset class – its flagship FF1 token.

Combining the safety of a stable coin and gradual growth potential of mooncoins, FF1 is a safe haven to park your assets in turbulent times and grow them in all weather conditions.

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Dr. Marc Fleury
CEO, Two Prime
"Money, real money, wants to be invested, it wants to flow. Money that is not invested is money that will die. One of the main factors for the 2017 crypto rally was the phenomenon of ERC-20 and ICOs. The counter intuitive conclusion is that we need something like the ICO movement to come back. We need that crypto wealth to move if it wants to grow."
FF1 is a professionally managed token supported by a fractional reserve of blockchain industry assets. The funds raised via Continuous Token Offering of FF1, in public markets and private deals are actively invested in a structured portfolio of cryptocurrencies, deFi lending, and equity instruments in order to maintain the desired store of value function – no pump and dump.
Flow of funds chart
A better way to HODL
in the turbulent times
No need to trade altcoins daily: FF1 is already backed by a basket of blockchain assets picked by investment professionals.
A safe haven
for investors
Position yourself for the waves to come & avoid the pump and dump: FF1 stability mechanism supports the price.
investment opportunities
Get exposure to assets previously available only to private investors.
Safe store of value –
with growth potential
FF1 is an accretive instrument combining features of a stable coin and a growth coin.
A reliable way to invest
in blockchain space
Managed by investment professionals, FF1 is a safer way to get exposure to the crypto field.
Safe and legal: an SPV
for accredited investors
FF1 is available for private investors worldwide including the U.S. via Reg D private placement.
Two Prime is a crypto asset management and Fintech company focused on designing and managing institutional-grade crypto products. Managed by US-based finance and blockchain technology veterans, our team is distributed around the world – from Eastern Europe to India.
Marc Fleury
Marc was born in Paris, France. After earning his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the French École Polytechnique, for work he did as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Marc was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of open-source software company JBoss. Marc raised $10 million of venture capital and sold JBoss to Red Hat for $420 million in April 2006. In retirement, Marc went back to research, including Biology and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). In finance, he published MMT research on endogenous monetary growth under Basel regulation, and successfully operated hedge fund synthetic strategies as a proprietary fund manager throughout the 2008 financial crisis.

Alexander S. Blum
Alexander is a finance and technology leader. Alexander has led blockchain hedge funds and startups for 7+ years, developing Atomic Capital, a cryptocurrency mining operation, an AI-Crypto Hedge Fund, and leading projects at both Fortune 500s and prominent blockchain start-ups. Alexander has written for Forbes, The Pacific Council on International Policy, The Huffington Post, and Seeking Alpha and spoken at events around the globe.
Erik Stenfl
Erik is a veteran Software Engineer turned entrepreneur. With a focus on prediction engines, distributed systems, and blockchain protocols, Erik has helped many startups solve complex problems and bring their offerings to the market. He studied Computer Science at the University of Colorado prior to entering the tech space during the dot-com era where he became a key player in The Dante Group, a small startup that became acquired by webMethods. Later, he joined Software AG, where he received his training wheels in artificial intelligence. When Erik is not busy solving problems or contributing to Open Source, he spends his time producing music and collaborating with artists.
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E-mail: [email protected]
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