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Two Prime is a financial management company that creates products, trades, and invests in the blockchain ecosystem. The FF1 token is a tradable digital asset managed by Two Prime through a proprietary strategy referred to as the Continuous Token Offering™ (CTO). Existing company funds and proceeds from the ongoing sale of FF1 tokens are allocated to financial partners. Investments go into a trust used to support the FF1 token on exchanges, akin to an ETF. The company is led by Open Source Pioneer, Dr. Marc Fleury, previously Founder and CEO of JBoss (acquired by RedHat for $420MM in 2006).


Two Prime is accepting allocation partners for its portfolio to join the likes of NGC Ventures. Allocations will be made in either USD or FF1 depending on preference. Eligible partners include:

  1. Blockchain Investment Funds
  2. Income Producing Financial Products (like lending on BTC with interest or crypto mining operations)
  3. Leading cryptocurrencies
Two Prime makes allocations of $250,000 - $5,000,000 USD per partner.

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