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Two Prime knows that digital assets present significant opportunities and risks for the entire financial ecosystem.

Vast changes are taking place to capital markets at a rapid pace. Since their inception in 2008, digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been considered too exotic – nascent, volatile, and small – to fit within a portfolio. Despite this perception, Bitcoin has offered the best risk-adjusted returns over the past 1, 5, and 10 years and institutions have started to gain exposure to this asset class.

Two Prime offers a suite of customized solutions for institutional investors, high net worth individuals, family offices, and corporate treasuries. We serve clients’ best interests by managing risk and directing capital towards’ goals based upon time horizon, risk tolerance, current financial position, and the movements of the financial market. The fund takes a holistic approach to understand the specific needs, goals, and priorities of clients to deliver best-in-class digital asset investment solutions and performance.

With a long-term view to this nascent, but permanent asset class, thorough analysis, and understanding of clients come before any recommendations are defined. Two Prime understands that the priorities and interests of each client are highly unique and makes personal recommendations as a consequence. Fund-Client relationships are centered around trust, clarity, and meaning, and collaboration is enjoyed in both fund performance and constructive learning.

Two Prime only works with a small group of clients in order to provide the time, familiarity, and perspective needed for clarity and wise decision-making.

Our primary offerings include:

  • Digital Asset Fund I: Optimized for wealth preservation and long-term growth, the Two Prime Digital Asset Fund offers intelligent exposure to a long and programmatically rebalanced portfolio of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Through a combination of derivative management and lending, the fund captures upside returns while protecting against downside volatility.
  • Family Office Portfolio Management – Holistic consultation and portfolio analysis for portfolio goals and challenges.
  • Corporate Treasury Management – Currency risk and inflation risk-hedging.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum Strategies – medium and long-term transition to next-generation digital assets for investment goals.

To learn more about our specific offerings, please explore some of the services below and contact us to arrange a time to speak further. We look forward to working together.


Digital Asset Fund I Overview

Learn more about risk-managed exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum with options and lending for downside protection and added yield.

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Family Office
Portfolio Management

Learn more about how Two Prime works with family offices to design personalized portfolio solutions for this burgeoning asset class.

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Corporate Treasury Management

Learn more about how Two Prime clients use digital assets for inflation and currency risk hedging.

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Bitcoin Strategy

Learn more about how Two Prime works with clients to design tailored solutions across buy and hold strategies, high-yield lending, derivatives trading, venture investing for digital asset exposure.

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