Bitcoin Strategy

Whether you are an institutional investor, family office, high net worth individual or corporate treasury, the rise of digital assets will undoubtedly shape the next decades of your future.

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Two Prime works with clients to understand the risk and rewards of this changing landscape. As of today, Digital assets are a $1 Trillion asset class with very high volatility. In physics, we speak of the quantity of movement, or momentum: it is defined as mass times velocity (p=m*v).

Digital assets have a unique m*v characteristic in the financial landscape as an ultra-high momentum asset class. Digital assets are the proverbial bull/bear in a china shop: their size is comparable to Facebook ($700Bn), but the volatility is more like a small-cap or IPOs.

This momentum feature (high vol, high cap) may scare away potential investors; it should not, quite the opposite, the intelligent traders will be attracted by this high momentum. Top digital assets have historically produced uncorrelated yields to equity markets and offered outsized returns.

CitiGroup has predicted a rise above $300,000 per Bitcoin within the next few years. With a finite supply, Bitcoin can also hedge against inflation risk for investors and corporate treasuries. Lastly, digital assets’ decentralized nature can also prevent seizure for those living in high-risk political environments.

The ability to gain significant beta exposure and add hedged risk parameters through interest-earning accounts and options trading makes digital assets unlike any other asset’s behavior.

Everyone will need a Bitcoin strategy, and Two Prime Digital Assets can help you create one.

Depending on your current goals and portfolio profile, there are many ways to participate in this asset class, including buy and hold strategies, high-yield lending, derivatives trading, venture investing.

Two Prime’s network and expertise are extended to our clients to design comprehensive solutions that fit best and evolve alongside client needs.