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Introducing the 12 Hard Truths — Truth #1: Three Killer Apps of Crypto Are Already Here

They say necessity is the mother of invention. When the Two Prime executive team got together to discuss the gaps in the blockchain and crypto industry, it was obvious that there were major knowledge gaps amongst crypto traders and investors. The lack of basic knowledge in finance and investing has done more harm than people realize.
As much as proponents of the crypto industry like to dismiss Dr. Nouriel Roubini as a crypto cynic, there is truth to his criticisms of crypto. There was also a number of “untruths” that seem to permeate the industry. For today’s post, we think it’s necessary to take a step back and address the “untruths” (we have identified 12 in total) that have held the industry back from maturing and flourishing, resulting in the current crypto market stagnation.
To that end, Two Prime presents the 12 Hard Truths of Crypto. The ’12 Hard Truths’ aims to cover topics ranging from finance fundamentals to the costs and benefits in Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake. It outlines the core beliefs that drive and inspire the Two Prime mission to bring abundance to the crypto industry.

12 Hard Truths to Crypto Abundance from TPPRAccount

This brings us to Truth #1: Three killer apps of crypto are already here.
The crypto industry has long been in the search for its killer app — the one app that will lead to mass adoption of blockchain and will prove blockchain’s utilities and benefits for the greater public. This killer app is supposedly still missing in action. But are we looking at the right place?
In this video, Two Prime CEO Marc Fleury discusses why we should stop our mindless search for the killer app and discusses three killer apps that will anchor the industry’s future growth.
Two Prime advocates for a deeper financial literacy by providing information and insights to close the knowledge gap and promote sustainable growth of the crypto industry.
Hard Truths of Crypto
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