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In The Spirit of “Open Source” Finance, Two Prime Launches the FF1 Asset Allocation Dashboard

Hello to the Two Prime community, our supporters, and our partners!

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our new asset allocation dashboard that will provide purchasers of the FF1 token with greater transparency on where the amount raised into treasury is being allocated. The Two Prime team has chosen to do this in the spirit of “open source” finance and professionalizing cryptocurrencies — both of which are at the core of our vision for the asset class.

Key features of the asset allocation dashboard will include:
  • Historical price action of the FF1 token
  • Token performance
  • Sector allocation
  • Top performing Two Prime finance partners
  • Tokens in circulation and total token supply
You can access the report here.

The FF1 token allocation dashboard will be updated on a quarter basis, which will be followed by an industry update from Marc with remarks and insights on the crypto sector. Stay tuned!
We thank you once again for your continued support as we pursue abundance and beyond!
Marc & Alex, Co-Founders of Two Prime
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