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Truth: Video #4 — The Traditional Banking System Is Decentralized

We hear so many statements in the financial and crypto industry alike, where everyone directly perceives the banking system as a singular control tower for the financial ecosystem, i.e. the centralized model of finance.

This brings us to Truth #4:
The traditional banking system is decentralized; crypto is not.

If you think of it, there are hundreds of central banks and thousands of commercial and investment banks, which create a decentralized ecosystem that releases money, emits debt, and consolidates assets in a multitude of different levels.
Then do you know what is more centralized than the modern banking system? The crypto industry.
In this video, Two Prime CEO Marc Fleury shares the linguistic hack that dominates the financial ecosystem, making it believe that the banking industry is centralized and crypto is distributed…when it is quite the opposite.

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Hard Truths of Crypto
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