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Sorry (not sorry)… But it’s time for crypto, as we know it, to die.

Money is meant to flow. That is the way that wealth is built. It’s the sign of a healthy economy. Unfortunately, crypto — not backed by any real assets — does not intrinsically flow. In fact, like gold, crypto has no real intrinsic value. Fiat currencies like the USD or EUR, on the other hand, are accretive instruments and are asset backed. One only needs to look around a healthy economy to understand that fiat is backed by real wealth.
So far, bitcoin has been chasing existing cash flows. Without real assets backing it, bitcoin is just inflationary and abstract.
This brings us to today’s commentary topic: What we can do to save crypto?
In this video, Two Prime CEO Marc Fleury discusses how we need to find a map to bridge crypto to the real economy.
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