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Truth: Video #7 — Dollar lost 90% over 100 years. Who cares?!

The devaluation of the dollar is often discussed as proof that the world will end as we know it. We frequently hear voices in the industry denouncing fiat since it lost “90% of its value over the past 100 years,” noting that dollar is “trapped in irreversible century-long downtrend” and we should buy bitcoin.
But is this an earth-shattering argument? Are people actually holding on to the dollar and getting depressed every time its value drops? Also, aren’t there more dollar bills being circulated in today’s economy compared to 100 years ago?

This brings us to Truth #7: The fiat lost 90% over 100 years. Who cares?!

In this video, Two Prime CEO Marc Fleury debunks the myth around dollar devaluation by illustrating the essence of fiat and why the argument around dollar devaluation is disingenuous.

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