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Two Prime Launches New Online, Direct Purchasing Platform

Two Prime, a Hong Kong-based fintech company that designs and manages institutional-grade crypto products, today announces the launch of a new website,, offering global audiences direct access to its flagship FF1 Token — a stable growth token that represents a global, modern store of value. Boosting a streamlined checkout process and a simple and easy to navigate interface, the integration with Bridge Wallet will allow users to transact, trade, and invest in the FF1 Token in a manner that is secure and seamless and without the need for an exchange. 

“In recent months, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in investor interest for Two Prime’s FF1 token, particularly as extreme volatility in traditional markets spurs appetite for store of value assets,” says Two Prime Chief Operating Officer Alexander S. Blum. “Yet hurdles to investing in crypto remain, stifling the industry from reaching mainstream adoption status. Integrating with Bridge Wallet then comes as a natural extension of our efforts to consistently increase market access, and to provide unprecedented value and opportunity to more individuals around the world.”

Designed by Mt Pelerin as a user-friendly bridge between fiats, cryptocurrencies and security tokens, Bridge Wallet simplifies the process of acquiring and managing digital assets in self-custody. It lets users buy cryptocurrencies via bank transfer and receive them directly on the wallet address of their choice. Users can also trade assets on Uniswap from the wallet, and also sell cryptos to get funds in 20+ fiat currencies on their bank account. Bridge Wallet is available today on both Android and iOS.

Arnaud Salomon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mt Pelerin said: “Cryptocurrencies and digital securities are the future of finance. This new strategic partnership is a significant milestone for both of us, in advancing our shared vision of professionalizing the sector and bringing the promise and opportunity it offers to a wider pool of investors.”

The FF1 Token represents a new asset class. In addition to availability on the Bridge Wallet application, users can also purchase the FF1 Token through Bithumb Global, a digital asset trading platform, and Regulation D Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) private placement for accredited investors in the U.S.. Funds raised from the sale of the FF1 will be allocated to projects that have been admitted to the Two Prime Partner Program, including Grayscale, BlockFi, and Uncorrelated Capital (anchored by Bain Capital). Two Prime is currently taking applications for its Partner Program. For more information on the program, please visit


Two Prime CEO Dr. Marc Fleury and COO Alexander S. Blum are available for interview

About Two Prime
Two Prime designs and manages institutional-grade crypto products. It's flagship product, the FF1 token, is a global, modern store of value for those seeking a safe haven for their assets. The token has a finite supply and proceeds from the purchase of the FF1 token go into a treasury portfolio of top cryptocurrencies, fixed-income, and venture investments that return cash flows. As a hybrid stablecoin, the FF1 blends elements of a stablecoin and a Bitcoin, allowing for demand-driven price fluctuations and asset-driven price support.

For more information please visit or email [email protected]

About Mt Pelerin
Mt Pelerin is a Swiss fintech company specialized in asset tokenization and digital compliance. It develops solutions to bridge the token economy with traditional finance, and has the ambition to establish a full-reserve tokenized institution providing better access to funding and investment for all.

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Readers are hereby warned that:

1) There is no guarantee or representation of value or liquidity for the FF1 Tokens, and the purchase of the FF1 Tokens Tokens is of speculative nature and none of Two Prime or its affiliates shall be responsible for or liable for the value of the FF1 Tokens, the transferability and/or liquidity of the FF1 Tokens and/or the availability of any market for the FF1 Tokens through third parties or otherwise;
2) Two Prime intends the value of the FF1 Tokens be maintained but the FF1 Tokens may still be subject to fluctuation;
3) Under no circumstances would a holder of the FF1 Tokens be entitled to or receive (i) any form of interests whatsoever in whole or in part (including but not limited to equity interest, proprietary interest and ownership interest) or share in or claim against Two Prime and/or any fund managed by the group, (ii) any voting rights at the board meetings or shareholders meetings of Two Prime, (iii) any management rights of Two Prime and/or the FF1 Tokens,
(iv) Any economic right (including any kind of right to payment, distribution, income, dividend, profit, or other return, or any sums to be paid, or likely to be paid, out of such return or profit) of or generated from the keeping of the treasury (except those directly between participants of the ecosystem), by Two Prime and/or from the project financing conducted by the group; (v) any interest payments from Two Prime and/or any funds managed by the group; and (vi) any claim against any funds managed by the group and request any value to be returned to you;
4) The FF1 Tokens is not a debenture issued by Two Prime and all purchase of FF1 Tokens are final upon you receiving the FF1 Tokens from Two Prime. You will not have any right to subsequently request redemption or return of the purchase funds you paid to Two Prime for the purchase of the FF1 Tokens which Two Prime has the sole and absolute discretion to decide on how to use the purchase funds; and
5) Two Prime does not give any undertaking that, if the FF1 Tokens are used as a means of making payment for goods or services from Two Prime or from a recipient, Two Prime will, or will procure the recipient of the FF1 Tokens to, accept the payment up to the amount of the value in any funds managed by the group or to redeem the FF1 Tokens.

Two Prime does not guarantee, and accept no legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any materials contained in this material. You should seek appropriate independent professional advice prior to relying on or entering into any commitment or transaction based on the materials published here, which is solely published for publicity purposes. Nothing contained in this material is or may be relied upon as a promise, representation or undertaking as to our future performances or policies. Further, we disclaim any responsibility to update any forward-looking statements or publicly announce any revisions to those forward-looking statements to reflect future developments, events or circumstances. No information in this material should be considered to be investment, legal, business, financial, accounting or taxation advice whatsoever regarding us, the FF1 Tokens, or the token sale conducted by Two Prime and you should consult your own independent professional advisors separately prior to participating in purchasing any Two Prime.

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