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Thoughts from the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland

Marc and I have just returned from a wonderful week at the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland, officially announcing Two Prime and our first token product, FF1, with some great media coverage. The conference gathered some of the world’s top investors and financial experts, including The Winklevoss Twins and Meltem Demirors.
Here’s what we learned:

1. Putting Steam Behind Crypto Finance

The vast majority of the discussion at this conference revolved around financial applications and investments in the industry. As compared to other conferences in past years, discussion around theoretical uses of blockchain for obscure technology applications rarely arose. People are tired of being pitched ideas in a whitepaper. Instead, they want to know how we get from the current market to widespread adoption. The financial applications of blockchain are where we have seen the most promise. Influencers in the industry are eager to professionalize crypto and take the financial applications mainstream.

2. Crypto Finance’s Reality Check

Marc’s keynote on the 12 Hard Truths to Crypto Abundance was well received. Recognizing that the killer apps of crypto are financial and that Bitcoin is highly centralized, amongst other topics, spoke to the audience. The conference brought together those who wanted to see the industry thrive. Rather than continuing to drink the crypto Kool Aid, many were willing to take a hard look at crypto’s strengths and its shortcomings. Two Prime’s approach to assessing the industry — what’s working and how it relates to the mainstream economy — resonated with those in attendance.

3. The Search for Capital Outside the Echo Chamber

It seems many in the industry are looking for funds, including Funds! Well known investment groups and fledgling ones all seem to be searching for new money. This speaks to the current state of the industry. With crypto money dwindling and a long bear market, many have needed to seek out new money to continue investment. This makes it hard for new entrants to find capital and also means that the industry is forced to look outside the echo chamber for growth. This is, ultimately, a good and necessary step.
In summary, the CFC St. Moritz brought together top minds. Many are interested to learn of new financial approaches to the industry, like our FF1 token that will be listed on Liquid in February 2020, and seeking funds themselves.
2020 will be an interesting year!
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