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Truth: Video #8 — Quantitative Easing Is (Mostly) Good

With the market at a freefall in the past week, the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan — two of the top three largest central banks in the world — announced major steps in an attempt to alleviate negative sentiments on the global markets. This is known as quantitative easing, used by governments to stimulate the economy through different ways.

Quantitative easing tends to be vilified within the crypto space. One could argue that Bitcoin was created as a reaction to the quantitative easing implemented by central banks around the world during the 2008 crisis. Cynics and free-market diehards decried QE as theft. But in reality, what is QE and what is its purpose?

In this #truth video, Two Prime CEO Dr. Marc Fleury looks back at the origins of QE and how QE can stop a financial crisis from spiraling into a full-blown economic meltdown.

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