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Truth: Video #3 — 10 Years In Tech Is A Lifecycle

Four years.
It only took four years from the public introduction of the World Wide Webin 1993 to its first killer app — the email — taking off in 1997. As soon as this killer app gained momentum for mass adoption, the user base increased exponentially — by approximately 627% between 1997 to 1999 (55 million ➝ 400 million)!
Then why is it taking us 11 years to find the killer app of crypto? Why are we talking in circles (e.g. scalability, the next killer app, and many more)? Is it possible that crypto is not about tech?

This brings us to Truth #3: 10 years in tech is a lifecycle
In this video, Two Prime CEO Marc Fleury shares what is the reality for technology in the crypto industry by reflecting on the past 11 years, and discusses the way forward for the crypto community.

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Hard Truths of Crypto
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