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How To Get Your FF1: A Step-by-Step Guide

What happens when you combine the safety of a stable coin with the growth potential of a Bitcoin? You get FF1 token – a brand new asset class and a better store of value. FF1 that has seen steady growth throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic and continues to help investors support and multiply their wealth. With finite supply and a treasury of Tier 1 assets supporting the price, the growing demand for FF1 provides the best of both worlds for all market conditions!

There are three ways to obtain FF1 now: 
  1. Purchase on Bithumb Global exchange
  2. Participate in one of multiple Two Prime contests
  3. Make a private purchase

In this article we describe all of them step-by-step.

I. Buying FF1 on Bithumb Global

Step 1. Register at Bithumb Global (Click here).

2. Deposit Funds

3. Go to Spot or Margin Trading (top menu)

4. Search for FF1/Go to FF1 page

Step 5. Create an order and buy FF1

Step 6. It’s done! See your balance of FF1 in your wallet.

Step 7. HODL and Enjoy the ride!

II. Join Our Regular Education and Awareness Campaigns

We host weekly contests that everyone can participate in and win $50 to $100 USD worth of FF1 tokens for contributing. All you need is creativity and support of Two Prime goals and values!

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III. There is a third way that's important to get FF1…

Through private sales of $50,000 worth of tokens or greater.
Contact us directly at [email protected] for more information,

To Abundance!

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