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Webinar + Q&A session
Risk-Managed Investing for the Coming Bitcoin Growth Cycle
December 15th
11 am - 12 am ET
Since Bitcoin's 2017 Peak Price of $20,000, the crypto markets have largely remained quiet to most investors. Now, as Bitcoin is headed towards $18,000 mark, and analysts predict it to reach $300,000 in 2021, it is the time to get back in the market.
Join blockchain finance and technology veterans
Alexander S. Blum, Dr. Marc Fleury, and Nathan Cox
as they talk through how to gain intelligent exposure
to digital assets and hedge against inflation:
Understanding "The Halving" and the S2F model

Corporate Entrants and Institutional Buying

Risk management:
The Rise of Derivative Markets

Reserve your spot today
and learn more about risk-managed investing
for the coming Bitcoin growth cycle
Alexander S. Blum
Managing Director
Two Prime
A recognized finance and technology leader, Alexander has led blockchain hedge funds and startups for 7+ years, developing Atomic Capital, a cryptocurrency mining operation, an AI-Crypto Hedge Fund, and leading projects at Fortune 500s. Alexander has written for Forbes, The Pacific Council on International Policy, The Huffington Post, and Seeking Alpha and spoken at events around the globe.
Nathan Cox
Head Trader
Two Prime
With over 15 years of experience trading derivatives and equities, Nathan Cox previously served as the Chief Investment Officer for Prana Capital Group, where he developed and managed derivatives, futures, and equity strategies for the volatility focused hedge fund. Prior to Prana Capital, Mr. Cox worked as a derivative trader with LOPES Capital in Phoenix, Arizona.
Dr. Marc Fleury
Family Office Investor
Marc was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of open-source software company JBoss, acquired by Red Hat for $420 million in April 2006. In finance, he published MMT research on endogenous monetary growth under Basel regulation, and successfully operated hedge fund synthetic strategies as a proprietary fund manager throughout the 2008 financial crisis.
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